Miguel Marcos Gallery was firstly founded in  1981 in Zaragoza, Spain, and in 1987  a second space was opened in Madrid. Thereupon,  a new space in Barcelona was inaugurated on February 27th of 1998 with Joan Brossa’s work “Quatre emplaçaments”. Since then Miguel Marcos Gallery is mainly based in Barcelona, where more than 120 exhibitions has been organised uninterruptedly. Throughout its career, the Gallery has shown a consistent and unconditional commitment to  the Spanish art of the eighties, incorporating contemporary artists from all around the World who do not only base their practice on painting, but also on other artistic languages such as installation, photography and video art.


In addition to its activities as a gallery, Miguel Marcos Gallery has always been dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of history and culture, accompanied by its curatorial and expository work with carefully edited publications.Some of the most important publications are Por la Pintura, Los años pintados, Miguel Marcos 25 años or 20 en la Colección Miguel Marcos, among others. In 2007 the Gallery edited and published El Libro de la Galería Miguel Marcos. 1977-2005 (The Book of Miguel Marcos Gallery. 1977-2005), which collects in two large volumes the Gallery history in relation to the international art context. For the construction of this publication which globally covers different aspects of the profession of the gallery,  renowed art historians and critics were linked together , such as Juan Manuel Bonet, Fernando Castro Flórez, Miguel Fernández-Cid, Pablo Jiménez Burillo, Arnau Puig, Enrique Juncosa or Rosina Gómez Baeza.  Currently, with the policy of  ¨donation ¨for the sake of dissemination and democratization of culture, El Libro de la Galería Miguel Marcos. 1977-2005, as well as other publications from the Gallery´s collection, can be found in the largest and most prestigious libraries all over the world.


Miguel Marcos Gallery has participated in numerous editions of the most important international art fairs, such as ARCO Madrid, Art Basel, Art Chicago, Art Cologne, CIGE or FIAC. In 2008, the Gallery got the AECA Award for the best gallery in ARCO 2008. 

 Miguel Marcos’ archive of contemporary art