Miguel Marcos Gallery is pleased to present ROMP, new exhibition of recent work of American artist Bill Thompson. Bill Thompson’s (Ipswich, United States of America, 1957) creative process is defined by his own experience, which is inexorable to it. The artist grew up in the dark region of New England. This fact, together with technological and industrial process, will be the background of paradigmatic style.

The work of Bill Thompson is part of the idea of monochrome. According to him, monochrome represents both a conclusion and a starting point, in which he recognizes unarmed but inspired at the same time, for its purity and endless possibilities. Located in boundaries of minimalist and reductionist movement, his language is structured through objects that claim colours sometimes camouflaged in a chaotic and colourless world.

Seduced by the materials and creative processes, as Brancusi, Puryear, Kapoor or Noguchi, among others, Bill Thompson invites the viewer to a world of forms of polyurethane, which are cut, carved and polished to find suitable design. At these figures are added sumptuous layers of urethane, a material used to paint cars, hence its bright and clear appearance.

Designs selected for this exhibition may be considered hybrid designs, swinging from sculpture and painting, that take us to organic and industrial auditorium in which Armstrong symphonies are perceived, immersing us into different universe. It is a show full of sensuality that tries to mask the minimal enigma. Surfaces that absorb reflections around them in which the viewer is enchanted by the power, almost hypnotic for which they were created: the contemplation of beauty in its purest and most original state.

BILL THOMPSON (Ipswich, USA, 1957) Lives and works in Boston. During the last decade, the artist left his plastic side to attend the conceptual renewal of sculpture, which will mean an aesthetic and philosophical change in the minimalist movement. Thompson makes his practice a study and inquiry process around the application of colour in different formats and dimensions. He has exhibited in the main capitals of the United States, including New York, Boston or San Francisco, and in cities in Europe, Asia or Oceania such as Munich, Seoul and Sydney. Also he has collaborated in more than thirty publications around the world and his work is in many international collections. Amongst the most notable are the Hyundai Corporation in Seoul (Korea), MIT List Visual Art Center Cambridge (Massachusetts, USA), Museum of Fine Arts Boston (Massachusetts, USA), the New York Public Library (New York, USA) or the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown (Ohio, USA).