The last works of Corujeira are present for the first time in Barcelona, and they set up between fix appearance of pictorial language and the changing organic reality of quotidian life. In the different metamorphosis of growing, the works of Corujeira try to evoke the inedit, the new.

The painting of Alejandro Corujeira, allow us to enter and habit it, although maybe with the sensation of so contemplative is build up with ephemera materials.

Some works returns us to rude surface of simulation: the mimesis of what we consider worthy of being copied by the brush or, new objectives which, without being copied, could be appreciated in reality category.

Fire extinguisher, carpets, stickers, glasses and coats are in the mute surface of the paintings. Is like we could invent some kind of musical symphony, in which we use silences whenever we want. This is important quality of painting: no add anything.

Working on world’s memory, with the similar impulse as the kid who draws the beach with the sand. This is risky work, because the artist does not want become his work in a product.

Who has the lucky to live with one of this work, could feel the symmetric harmonies, the tension of material and lightness. In fact, these have a paradoxical effect depends on the context in which they are –museum room exhibition, any wall-.