Galería Miguel Marcos is pleased to present the new works of Clare Langan, under the heading The Flooded Rooms and Metamporphosis, which are accompanied with music by Jürgen Simposon. In The Flooded Rooms, the lens highlight some empty rooms, flooded by the water. Metamorphosis is topic of three themes: city under the wind and snow effects, the indoor home and the naked nature showing his force.

In these works, we could advertise different aesthetic and spiritual preferences of Clare Lagan: She conceives the universe as opposite parts, between heaven and hell, so she chooses a sort of limbo with symbolic and physic time. In fact, if something is difficult to draw is the limbo. Physic and Metaphysic have his doctors, look inside to essence of look, the strange body of one subject, dress up of sublime, or sinister.

Poetic difficulty of Langan, is placed further on natural catastrophes and isolation of viewer. Without any digital effect, as if she wants to decode visual scripture, with coloured filters by hand, recording a projection. The natures of Langan are projected in Platón’s cavern, and transmits to the viewer some kind of pain, experience of false remember, glacial cold, eternal wind and warm become argumentative vanishing point.

There are no indoor parts and no landscapes, is the question of cinema, which is base in how, neither where no who, however when. The manipulation of the time and installation, allow us to see her work as alchemy or a hermeneutic process.

The space-time of Langan is the loop: in one Moebius film is so important going here and there. Settle up in the pain until insensibility, until conformability is an option ethic.