After having presented his work for the most prestigious artistic spaces in the world: from the New York gallery Leo Castelli (1993) to the Royal Academy in London (2002) to Konrad Fischer in Dusseldorf ... The gallery Miguel Marcos has the pleasure of exposing, for the first time in Spain, a selection of paintings by Alan Charlton (Sheffield, England, 1948).



Not only the disturbing gray monochrome paintings, based on a rigorous close-up will surprise the visitor, but also a careful staging in the gallery space. Thus his paintings in parts, with their sets of lights and projected shadows, will add a rhythm to the surrounding walls, highlighting its plain and punctuating its scale.



If gray has been defined through history as non-color par excellence, it is Alan Charlton who has claimed, throughout his artistic career, the subtlety of its nuances and the infinite richness of its tonal variations. A gray whose different values ​​seem to proclaim the appearance of all colors.



A work, impregnated by silence and by the vision of a universe in balance marked by the beauty of the unreal aspect of the geometric figure.