The Miguel Marcos Gallery presents the project "GOLPEAR EL INSTANTE" by Bernardi Roig (Palma de Mallorca, 1965). The exhibition is composed of a set of works, all dated in 2003, which represent a mutation within the artistic reflection proposed in his last solo exhibitions as "Darkness & Insight" at the Claire Oliver Gallery in New York (October 2002) ).



Contrary to the line followed in his last samples where he dominated the presence, almost obsessive, of black as the only possibility to build the image. This is a white exhibition.



Being this a sample that transits towards the purification and the clarity, the line of its drawings appears conducted with such precision that it can be nicknamed surgical. In this way, the whole set of pieces presented feel the need for the accuracy and coherence of the painting scene, since the space contains the action of the figures and therefore their displacements.