“The monochrome became both conclusion and start point. Along twenty years I have explored all limitations and I finish humiliated in front his purity and inspirited by its infinite possibilities.”

Bill Thompson, 2007


These words become declaration of intentions of Bill Thompson (Ipswich, USA, 1957). Minimalist movement influences his works, and they are between painting and sculpture, although the artist prefers considered alive objects. The pieces of this artist would to be beauty itself, purity in their forms, corves and relieves that he gain through the colour.

Monochrome is only an appearance because with this pieces of only one colour the artist gain to all room spaces with their multiple reflects, which hypnotize the viewer. Bill Thompson bases his work with the game with the viewer, who are excited when see in the surface of the works. In fact, these works would be the beauty of common things that sometimes we do not contemplate.

In this exhibition, Bill Thompson shows his recent works, which have different geometrical forms and biomorphic reminiscences. The viewer could contemplate the sensuality of Split, the aggressively of Stinger and the feminist of Pageant. Galería Miguel Marcos is full of colour to celebrate the first individual exhibition of this artist in our country.