As if it was a night sky lit by a thunderstorm, Miguel Marcos Gallery is pleased to present CirCulo, the first solo exhibition of Nicolai (Reykjavik, Iceland, 1964) in Barcelona.

The artistic conception of Nicolai could be considered the dark of Eden. In fact, CirCulo becomes a personal paradise, in which according to the artist  “you can see a relationship between the cosmos, the sex and the religion”. This means an elevation from the superfluous to sacred pantheon that have become a totem throughout the artist career.

Questioning world is shown without shame, blatant. Art and rhetoric are joined in exordium of the paintings themselves. Venus who look at the viewer but go unnoticed in the darkness, hiding their faces, fixing all attention on their private parts. Parties intimes, that stand out for their volume, seduce the viewers, who cannot deny their contemplation.

Courbet was the instigator of this foreground with his work L’origine du monde, with which nicolanian philosophy shares its devotion to symbolism. These particularities, away from any arbitrariness, are so natural that become trivial. Nicolai has the work and the life impregnated by the tradition, in which reborn Rubens and Dalí, and can touch reminiscences of Bataille’s History eye, Sartre or Apollinaire.

The mystical, the sacred and the (un)known float in this CirCulo, invite the viewers to live a physical and spiritual experience that is unearthly. 

NICOLAI was born in Reykjavik (Iceland) in 1964. Trained in the studio of painter Oddur Stenthórsson, his personality is characteristic of a wanderer, a pilgrim who lives and works between Beijing, Paris, Madrid and Reykjavik. Conceptual and mystical, poetic and provocative, the artist seeks to represent nature in its most intimate way. His first exhibition was held in Paris with "Hommage à Mishima" in 1980, since then, his works have been exhibited in various galleries and museums around the world.