4X4 (DRAWINGS FROM 1989-2018)


David Tremlett shows his works for the second time at Miguel Marcos Gallery. On this occasion, we see drawings concerned with space and colour that date from 1989 to 2018.


From a young age, David Tremlett has traveled extensively in Europe and in North America, Australia, Africa and the Middle East. Both his sculptural background and his traveling are very important when it comes to approaching his work, because more than just sculptor or draftsman, Tremlett is an artist who works with space, and his travels allow him to accumulate a series of vital experiences and images that form a fundamental part of his artistic work, especially in terms of continuing concepts in his works: rhythm, colour, spatial dimension and memory.


When Tremlett considers a landscape or building (a ruin, a church, the interior space of a gallery or museum), he sees parameters that are repeated, which are not just geometry or simple abstraction. The artist looks at the effects of light that create forms, the elements that are permanent and timeless, the colors that become solid and symbolize the human presence in a town whether in Tanzania, Mexico or Portugal. His colours are the colours of materials: clay, steel, marble ...etc. When working within a space, he takes into account its social use: its social and human context; everything affects the work and everything is a dialogue between space, art and context, the silence being an added bonus.


The works of David are of an impressive consistency and congruence, perhaps because of the clarity of the concept and the interests that he utilized since first becoming an artist in the late 1960´s. His first works made in the 60´s and 70´s were part of Conceptual Art which has its links to Minimal Art and Fluxus. The essence of Tremlett´s work is a rigorous elimination of the superfluous with a resulting clarity of thought.


Tremlett has had interest in many movements: Russian Constructivism, the Modernist period in design and architecture, Dada, the inter war period in glass design, Minimalism etc.


Several of the works now shown in the Miguel Marcos Gallery are the made from his time in Tanzania, between 1989 and 1990 (Drawing for a wall Zanzibar Box, Drawing for a Wall 2 Mjimwema, Drawing for a Wall 3 Mjimwema, Drawing for a Wall 4 Mjimwema) and of his interventions in buildings of the places he visited (the 4 drawings are made from the floor plans of ruined buildings in different locations). They have the essence of a travel diary that contains annotation, photographs, and memory.


The 4 recent drawings (Pile Up 6#2, Pile Up 7#2, Pile Up 9#1 and Pile UP 7#1), in the exhibition, are not just formal exercises, but their construction ´could suggest to us to the essence of the cave painting and to the nuances of Pompeiian fresco, to the solid walls of Romanesque churches or the pre-Columbian ruin.


All his works acquire an architectural dimension, which can be appreciated in "4 X 4", from his two-dimensional works to the intervention that the artist realized in the same space of the Miguel Marcos Gallery in 2016 (Pile Up # 49).