Dennis Hollingsowrth (Los Angeles, USA, 1956) born and grew up in Los Angeles, where some years later he is graduate in Architecture. In the nineties, he starts his artistic path in the framework of new expressionist of West coast, showing his work in one of the most prestigious museums of the city, the MOCA.

He shows his work in Spain for first time in 2006 in Galería Miguel Marcos with solo exhibition titled “Constellations”. At the time, the work of Hollingsworth drew attention for his unusual use of the oil as sculpture and for use the technique “alla prima”. In his second exhibition in Barcelona, Hollingsworth is absorbed by universe in which we could interpret different cosmos and visions. Hollingsworth painting is raging against pictorial act.

Hollingsworth paints against the time, against imposed times and lapses. This fact is due to his creative and intuitive character and, on the other hand, by difficulty of dry the oil. Hollingsworth deconstructed reality slowly, as a baroque pictorial gesture, which turns as natural as pristine accumulated in the hull of vessel. There is no trompe l’oeil, or representative drama, only the presence of pure pictorial language: naked, voluptuous.

Coloured stars sprite out of canvas, the thick capes of oil remembers us to sea urchin.