Thomas Hirschhorn

The work of Thomas Hirschhorn (Bern, Switzerland, 1957) is focused on denouncing inequalities and injustices of the contemporary world, as well as on inviting people to think about the current political situation.

Hirschhorn stands out for his energetic and overcrowded installations, which are made with common materials such as cardboard, aluminium foil, adhesive tape or plastic containers. The artist uses these materials not only for their aesthetic qualities, but also for making visible the critical thinking aimed to express ideas of cultural and political resistance. In addition to these political and economical concerns, his works refers to art matters, popular culture and philosophy. These kinds of topics are combined in his work in order to generate a critical and reflexive thought and knowledge.

His work forms part of museums and public collection such as MoMA Museum of Modern Art (New York, USA), Walker Art Center (Minneapolis, USA) or Tate Modern (London, United Kingdom).