Michael Biberstein

The painting of Michael Biberstein (Solothurn, Switzerland, 1948 – Sintra, Portugal, 2013) focuses on the representation of spaces that are not concern about commemorate specific landscapes. Influenced by the European tradition of landscape painting, and specifically by well-known artists such as Turner or Monet, his paintings capture timeless moments which draw visions of infinite places, evoking a presence that seems to exist beyond the physical space.

From the beginning of his career, Biberstein uses the painting medium as an excuse for researching on both space-time and colour. With this inquiry, the cosmological nature of his landscapes respond not to specific time or context, but define shapes from colors that change depending on time or on climatic conditions. Indeed, the atmosphere that emerges from these paintings place the viewer in a space that dislocates him by its lightness.

His work forms part of museums and public collections such as Birmingham Museum of Art (Birmingham, United Kingdom), Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (Lisboa, Portugal), Kunstmuseum Aarau (Arau, Switzerland), Ludwing Forum für Neue Kunst (Aachen, Germany) and Whitney Museum of American Art (New York, USA).