Manuel Valencia

Manuel Valencia (Madrid, Spain, 1954) studied at Stichting de Vrije Academie voor Beeldende Kunst in The Hague and also, in the Studio of Dutch artists like Dora Dolz. These art lessons give rise to a vast but singular work, which is characterized by mixing different means that create a distinctly unique style combining rice paper Xuan, shape and colour. His expression is a result of a careful study, closely related to the concept that he wants to transmit resulting in an open language that raises multiple meanings and interpretation trails.

Valencia’s landscapes suggest a reflection through the delicate and fascinating energetic feature lines. His strokes, as a particular stamp, and how they intersect and interact, generate synergy and movement that reflect the duality of chaos and order of the cosmos. They are etiolated and silent landscapes, which made up the fragility of nature and human links in a clear allusion to the thought of philosopher Zygmunt Bauman. Time and space in poetic metaphor of landscape that invites the viewer to experimental contemplation that culminates in an infinite meditation as the traces of its lines.

Valencia has done numerous solo exhibitions in cities around the world such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Beijing, La Havana, Belgrade or Shanghai. His work forms part of private collections in the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, USA, China, Brazil and Spain.