In her second solo exhibition at the Miguel Marcos Gallery in Barcelona, ​​the Portuguese artist Joana Pimentel (Oporto, 1971) presents her new unpublished work. Under the title "water sculpture", the artist shows us this new work, in which she reflects on space and its movements, on imaginary dialogues that are born but that the action of time or water ends up diluting. The exhibition opens on March 17.


According to the artist, her new work is marked by thought, by the topic of "dialogue that subsists". These dialogues take their shape before the space occupied by the sculpture, which in this case is biased by photography and its digital processing, so that the rest of the world is eliminated with this cut. Cut to which we can associate various topics, fluid thoughts, three-dimensional shapes within a liquid space, drawings that appropriate the figure and that are absorbed by it before the impossibility of a sculpture made with water.


Dialogues and imaginary cuts that (water sculpture) could be written, but the action of the water causes the writing and the drawings to be diluted. The white drawings are organic forms that build the experimental dimension of an unimaginable action. To the white (Moon, moon) we could associate the salt and this refers us to the body, to the thoughts and the writing (Fluids); the body appropriates this new identity by entering and moving the form to create the language space, the space of the drawing.


Empty space (O meu nome written no sea), the sea does not leave traces of anything or leaves spaces full of spirals (water spiral), curved line that indefinitely turns around a point, moving away from it more and more. In these imaginary dialogues there are endless points and with all those points we can draw several spirals (water sculpture), which turn matter into a fluid object.


These are the topics with which the object is demystified once again, where sculpture, whether form or anti-form, has been the center of study and analysis, which becomes part of this whole process. Your space has never been forgotten. The materials used today are still open to new interpretations and photography works here, as Krauss has said, as if it were the hand of the sculptor. The space occupied by moldable matter, time, which in these works is responsible for never forgetting that it is moldable.