The galería Miguel Marcos presents the third individual exhibition by Kristinn Nicolai: Studies in Pussy'ism, in which the Icelandic artist (Reykjavik, 1964) offers a series of recent works, in which he returns to the common thread of his first exhibition in Paris in the early 1980s: Hommage à Mishima.


Conceptual and mystical, poetic and provocative, the artist seeks to represent nature in its most intimate form, always related to women. In his work, there is an erotic content, shaped by his obsessions, desires and speculations in a context where the confluence of the artistic possibilities of beauty and ugliness is endless and eternal.


In an atmosphere in black, with an expression of sublime mystery and extreme perversion, the artist wraps his figures with another range of striking and aggressive colours, highlighting the cardinal purple in clear contrast with carnality. Their women's faces, with voluptuous and pronounced lips, reflect that exclusively feminine "vertical smile" based on merely psycholytic connotations.


For Nicolai, the female body is not only a source of inspiration, but also of constant study and analysis, from the physical perspective to the symbolism that women represent at the beginning of life. With precise brush strokes, despite its abstract appearance, the artist's eye investigates the body he contemplates. There is still impudence in its aesthetic approach, daring in its theme, moving away from any arbitrariness to focus the gaze on disturbing figures, producing both attraction and rejection and, a curious feeling where the beauty of emptiness and nothingness predominates.


Master of drawing, seen in the backgrounds of some of his works, Nicolai veiledly proposes architectural constructions represented by urban, oppressive and confined spaces. That allows him to capture the human figure, especially man´s, in an unnatural size and disproportionate, to create suggestive and uncomfortable environments, attractive and repulsive simultaneously.


Kristinn Nicolai lives and works between Beijing, Paris, Madrid and Reykjavik. He began his artistic training at an early age in his uncle´s studio, the painter Oddur Steinthórsson. Since 1978 he has exhibited regularly in museums and galleries such as the National Museum Kjarvalsstadir (Reykjavik), Liliane François (Paris), Furu-Koga Gallery (Tokyo), ID Galerie (Dusseldorf), Bárcena y Cía Gallery (Madrid), Elion Gallery (Beijing ) or, recently, at the Gallery Richard, in New York.