Dennis Hollingsworth (Los Angeles, USA, 1956) lives in Spain during some years. Impressed by Goya paintings of Museo del Prado he decides to dedicate to Art professional. Before of that, he would like to experimentate different experiences that allow him has something to paint. In this way, he joins up to US Navy and he travels around the world and he graduated in architecture before studies Fine Arts and dedicates entirely to his passion, painting.

All of this experience could be contemplate in his work. His work of paint, using the technique “alla prima” is both intuitive and methodical. The work is absolutely planned before starts to painting, and at the same time, Hollingsworth improvises about initial sketch, gain a fresh set with colourful composition.

The different layers of oil on the canvas and the forms that they have, have become in one of the most important characterizes of his work. The oil becomes in voluptuous and organic material, which gain sculpture category.

In this exposition, the third in Galería Miguel Marcos since he was introduced in Spain in 2006 show the works realized during the summer 2010. The artist lives between Los Angeles and Tossa de Mar, little town placed in Costa Brava.