Galería Miguel Marcos is pleased to present the work of Chimo Serrano (Valencia, Spain, 1960), under the heading Self-sufficient.

The abstraction is non-usual genre in photography. But, instead of that it could suppose infinite way for experimentation, where the result could become big surprises and possibilities. In this frame, the work is not mark by rules. All is objectionable, the image, the perspective, the speed of light, the movement, forms, colours, compositions, etc.

These works only exists as photography, and they have value themselves on their own: they are self-sufficient. Any of them is placed in some concrete time or space.

Gottfried Jäger says: “Abstract photograph means the abstraction of photography. Which, do not means that the abstraction of objects that could appear in photography. We have to understand the abstraction of photography as medium and how it could be reduce to its intrinsic elements. This process renounces to some typical characteristics of photography. In fact, abstract photography renounces to the recognisable object, do not follow the success of automatic true. Deforms the reality, changing in different media, paradoxical sometimes but always innovative. So, the reality is converting to other reality, its own reality.

For these reasons, we can talk about self-sufficient photographs, expressive, in which we could appreciate a big universe of traces, surfaces, colours, geometrical forms, patterns, volumes and other compositions inside them. Manifestation about inner world, subjective art, which transmit feelings and the liberation of art that not want, reproduce models or reality.

These art it seems to be contrary to the photography, which appears as reflex of reality but evolving until arrive to its own symbolism and concept of abstraction.

In these works we could appreciate more than they pretend. We could feel the essence of our way of expression and gain high degree of communication with the picture receptor.

The life is art and common things have artistic dimension. In fact, when this reflex in photography it turns more interesting, producing different kind of feelings, which promotes sense to communication of art. Art that is not only visual, because is both creative and conceptual.

Photographs are traces and pieces of energy, reflecting sensibility, illusion, fantasy, action and effort. Impacting pictures, which have lots of creativity, full of message and emotions.