André Jaque, Beth Galí, Carlos Ferrater, Carlos Lamela, César Ruiz – Larrea, Enric Ruiz – Geli, Fermín Vázquez, Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra, Jerónimo Junquera, José Morales, Luis Alonso, Luis M Mansilla y Emilio Tuón, Manel Bailo y Rosa Rull, Oriol Bohigas, Patxi Mangado y Rafael de La-Hoz answer to Scalae and Architects without frontiers, which is supported by Group Vía and Miguel Marcos Gallery. There show 16 draws which recollect the collection “Scalae – Arqutectos sin fronteras  - Universos de Luz”, which would highlight precise moments of his professional degree.

Silvia Puig, Félix Arranz and Miguel Marcos are the curators of this exhibition which proposs four different thoughts and meanings about the drawings of Anatxu Zabalbeascoa, Fredy Massad with Alicia Guerrero, Josep Quetglas and Llàtzer Moix, and reflect the identity of the drawings.

The exhibition shows an installation, which refers to synthetic architecture, about relational construction and comparative between different documentation media of Scalae.

The event is simultaneous with the Internet presentation of scalae.net. In fact, scalae.net allows the users to structured form to documentation, registers, published documents among others. Scalae would have to have presence in the architecture world.

Scalae is a scientific diary, an editorial and documentation agency of architecture.