Under the heading RE-VUELTA, Galería Miguel Marcos is pleased to present the new works of Carlos Franco (Madrid, 1951), a new proposal to concept of visual mentality. The irruption of new technologies corresponds with the use of non-usual materials in painting history. Since 2000, Carlos Franco has develop the new conceptual about virtual. For thus, he proposes the Art as a “support and meeting point” between different perceptions of reality and immediate reality mediated.

Dialect between brushes has marked the Art History along the centuries. In fact, the artist keeps the roots of language layers forming the approach of a sort of mesticism as preverbal communication infrastructure between different cultures.

The exhibition consists on paintings, which are in different media materials: plates prints, serigraphs and digital prints on canvas with its own expressive power.

RE – VUELTA embodies the physical embodiment of the intangible, the survival of perpetually flowing, but also alludes to the echoes of painting, to the tradition itself.

The work of Carlos Franco is still, absolutely personal, but at the same time it builds on the solid foundations –substrate indelibly language constantly renewed by artists such as Velázquez, Gaugin, Picasso, Poussin and Cézanne. Artists, who call name renovators of pictorial tradition.

Carlos Franco joined his practice to technology advances and bases his works according the echoes of computer. His traces engraved images to add substrates in an infinite dialogue of fragments, cultures, creative tempos and unpublished materials.

RE – VUELTA (RE – TURN) updated, perpetuates the time, ethics essentially and the epic poem in the creative act.