Miguel Marcos Gallery pays homage again to Joan Brossa (Barcelona, 1919 - 1998) with this new exhibition, Joan Brossa. Poesía Expandida, where you can see some object poems, visual poems, posters and artist books.


The work of Joan Brossa is an open work that never closes because it provides multiple readings and meanings, as many as the spectators who contemplate them, he leaves his imprint and others follow and complete it. To celebrate with this exhibition the centenary of the birth of this great artist is to echo the generous maxim, that his art is not an artist's soliloquy, that it is a perpetual dialogue and is on the street.


Brossa is usually classified as a conceptual ar­tist and certainly in his work, concepts and ideas become relevant and throughout his career he performs artistic experiences that bring him closer to the Fluxus group, although he has not belonged to it; in the same way he insists on language and his work requires the involvement of the spectator. All these are premises of conceptual art, but in Brossa the object is important, it contains a meaning for its own corporeality. Likewise, he always saw in the reader and the viewer a creator as well, and his work becomes an instrument that renders dynamic from the inside out the understanding of the latter, which opens his senses, which confronts reality, which allows the reader or the viewer to that reality.


As we see in this exhibition, poetry acquires the condition of imagery, it enters a field in which semantic and visual converge. Brossa is an in­tegral artist, who delved into different genres not only in literature or the visual arts, he wrote more than three hundred theatrical pieces and numerous film and opera scripts, but whatever the discipline served, all is image and everything is poetry at the same time.

When we talk about the graphic work of an artist we do it as if it were a minor work, but in Brossa working with the graphic medium is a conceptual and indispensable support to his work, for him as the word is printed to read it, the poetry, this time as image, must be printed to be seen, they are "material words". In fact, the letters themselves are a resource in his work, they are objects in themselves. In the same way, his artist's books surpass the traditional category, rather than illustrations that accompany writings, they constitute a work of co-creation.


Miguel Marcos Gallery opens its headquarters in Barcelona in 1998 with “BROSSSSA. Quatre emplaçaments” exhibition from 27 February to 30 April 1998, 5 facilities expressly made for the opening of the gallery. For each space of the gallery, Joan created an installation that impelled us to "know how to look", so that what surrounds us and actions about us do not go unnoticed, so that we always need to go beyond the obvious.


After this, they have happened 6 single exhibitions more about the poet, “BROSSA Sempre!” (1999); “Joan Brossa, Sempre! Sempre!!” (2004); “Enganyifa” (2009). Enganyifa is the title of a Brossian poem, included in the book “Calcomanies”. But Enganyifa is also the last work of Joan Brossa. He conceived for the gallery Miguel Marcos shortly before he dying victim of a tragic domestic accident. In late 2011, the exhibition “Em va fer Joan Brossa”, which is the title of another book Brossian; in 2014, the exhibition “Joan Brossa. Poesía visual – Poemas objeto”, and finally in 2016, the exhibition  “Brossa Reflejado”.