In her first solo exhibition in Spain, Joana Pimentel (Oporto, Portugal 1971) presents works specially made for the physical space of the Miguel Marcos gallery. For each of its rooms there is a series and a different thought defended by the artist.



The series "Abertas Works" (open works) arises from the reading and interpretation of several artists, through a space-time logic defended by the artist. His intention is made clear in "Obras abertas e obras dated", series inspired by Humberto Eco's book "Obra Aberta" from 1962. Reference book in the 60s and 70s, he argued that within the field of aesthetics no work of Art can be closed, it will always be open because it always follows somewhere. They are the works of art that are not considered finished when the artist gives them for finished and where the participation of the spectator turns him into a co-creator.



In the series "Written Works" Joana Pimentel presents bare torsos with handwritten texts and proposes a rethink about the notion of contemporary sculpture. From that interference in his own photo he tackles the cancellation of his technical reproducibility and the philosophy of language, citing Wittgenstein, Yourcenar and Walter Benjamin. Through the texts that he writes on his back, he does not allow what photography allows, that is, reproduction.



The series "Entrada na obra", inspired by the Italian artist Giovanni Anselmo, is composed of eleven photo prints in color on canvas and represents the will of an eventual work-artist encounter in a space / time that no longer exists but in a dialogue that subsists