Miguel Marcos gallery presents Nothing to Say from February 14th to March 31th, an exhibition of the most recent creation of Chema Cobo (Tarifa, Cadiz 1952), who returns again to Barcelona after six years.


This exhibition shows a selection of works whose central nucleus is the series of Nothing, emphasizing also Speak Spook or Words are overrated. Shaped in oil on canvas, through a fluid and precise brushstroke, vehement gesture and an absolute mastery of drawing, the artist invites the viewer to an intellectual game in which he must inquire the symbolism of an aesthetic propose whose meaning is based on the absence of an issue, in fact, a motivation or an effect.


Chema Cobo develops under the prism of the philosophy the concept of nothingness. The absence or non-existence of objects, as habitual definition, becomes new works in the existential void of our opulent society, through the figuration, situated in a surrealistic context, with the use of a chromatic range of pastel shades, apparently bright, but actually forming part of a hallucinogenic nebula.


Throughout his artistic career, the artist has exhibited in numerous art spaces, besides having works in important public and private collections, standing out the Kuntsmuseum of Bern (Switzerland), Galeria Nazionale d’Arte Contemporáneo de Roma (Italy), Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Frederick Waisman Collection of Los Angeles, both in the USA, the Reina Sofia Museum and the collection of contemporary art of Fundació la Caixa in Spain.