David Tremlett (St.Austell, Cornwall, England, 1945), one of the most versatile artists of his generation. His works are noted for his personal and unique style, which has provided him a central position in the international art scene.

Under the title “New Working Drawings”, Miguel Marcos Gallery presents his first solo exhibition at a gallery in Barcelona. In this exhibition, works realized by two different techniques are presented: pastel on support of paper and an intervention on the walls of the gallery space (wall drawing), which is created especially for this occasion. According to Tremlett, pastel “is a fragile, delicate powder, so light that you can blow, but at the same time you can do something strong, demanding and structurally resistant.” With this specific material, the strength of expression of the artist is presented by the nature of its own components.

The works of Tremlett rely on architecture, nudity and spirituality, basing on the idea of displacement in time and space and describing an imaginary and memorable world whose convolutions are in resonance with err legendary. Each of his accomplishments (wall drawing) comes from what is called a projection, so the wall appears as a new field of experimentation, a new journey. It does not imply separation but opening. It’s not the fragment, but the whole. In its extension, its thickness, its ability to resonate, it is taken as the ideal and prospective place of all memories.

With this simple meanwhile profound presence, la Galería invites the public to an introspective vision of the infinite path of the artist in intercultural and interdisciplinary contextualization raising invisible currents and flows that are interconnected.

Tremlett’s works form part of some of the most prestigious museums and public collections around the world as the Arts Council Collection (London, UK); Tate Gallery, London (UK); Musée National d’Art Moderne in Paris (Centre Georges Pompidou, France); National Library of Paris (France); The British Embassy, Berlin (Germany); Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (Germany); Art Gallery of N.S.W, Sydney (Australia); Museum of Modern Art, Brussels (Belgium); the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MOMA); Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki (Finland); The International Forum, Tokyo (Japan) and Cabinet des Estampes, Geneva (Switzerland), among many others ...