Under the title "The Last Words", Galería Miguel Marcos presents for the first time in Spain the work of the Chinese artist Li Qiang (Pekin, 1960) based on what the painter calls "Wills": Tenacity of a person, is an innate part of human nature; An important test of individual presence in this world; A way of continuing life after death which also includes a reflection for later generations.

His work is based on a succession of written repetitions arising from the commitment and will of the figures in his creations. . "During the process, the will is written once, twice, ten times, until hundreds of times, a repetition in which I sometimes encounter illusions and imagination. In those moments, I am getting so close to the testator that I could feel his breath and heartbeats, and see his movements.  I imagine the scene when one is writing the last words of a legacy: their tiny changes in facial expressions, the experience of their existence, their secrets and their personal character."

Li Qiang's work is his personal and non-transferable way of feeling and understanding others. Only after a long time of repetition, can a “special” and subtle dialogue gradually become clear: the communicating with souls, in which the artist experience another person's life and turns out to be a reflection of his own.

The artist says: In the period of writing, the heart is empty, the thought paralyzes, and I reach an extreme point in life and time. Little by little, body and spirit unite on the surface of the painting. Li Qiang also bases an important part of his work, on the testimonies he selects from reports and people and of the events that occur in reality, analyzing and interpreting subsequently the relevant information that obtains from them.

My works have become my way of seeing, thinking and expressing reality. While I am creating, I feel the absolute freedom between writing and painting.

Since 1989, Li Qiang has participated individually and collectively in national and international exhibitions. In 1998 the Chinese Art Exhibition by different cities of Germany and Metamorphosis and displacement in the Museum of Modern Art of San Francisco. In 2000 he participated in the Material Exhibition of Chinese Avant-Garde artist in the Ninenties organized by the Fukuoa Museum of Asian Art (Japan), while in 2006 he did so in Comparison and Diversity - Chapter Oner: Crossovers in Shanghai and in 2009 his individual Last Will in the gallery Weidenweg Zehn of the city of Duisburg (Germany).