Miguel Marcos Gallery is pleased to invite you to the individual exhibition "The Surviving Poetry" by the Chinese painter Luo Min (Sichuan, 1968), who is exhibiting for the first time in Barcelona ​​after the recent participation in the 2018 edition of ARCOMadrid.


From May 15 to June 29 2018, the artist exhibits a selection of recent creation, which would allow the audience to appreciate and understand Chinese contemporary painting.


In comparison with the Western pictorial tradition that prioritizes perspective and vanishing point, Chinese painting uses form as a way of representing spirituality. The works of Luo Min should not be contemplated from the vision of figurative art, but from the plane of suggestion.


As with the Chinese poetry, traditional painting reflects the painter's experience, his knowledge of society, as well as his ideals and principles. The meanings hidden in the Chinese pictorial scope are of great emotional depth, a quality that defines with precision Luo Min’s painting: traditionally contemporary, in which she uses the classical parameters to reveal herself, claiming at the same time, her particular vision, through a subtle and expressive vibration, as contemporary as vindicative of her cultural and social identity, orienting all her pictorial mastery to the service of daily life and emotion.


The spectator who contemplates the delicacy, the depth and the infinite tranquility, which is expressed the works of this Chinese artist through a dense chromatism and an intense play of light, will also observe peculiarities of her character as a serene, discreet and generous person. The themes she addresses in her paintings vary, but they have one thing in common: a profound reflection on the essence of life, from a feminine and maternal perspective.

Some works exhibited are based on the poems of a great Chinese master Zhengming Wen / 文徵明 (1470-1559), one of the most influential classical poets of the country.


Here is the translation into English of one of his poems, belonging to the series ¨Flores falls¨ that appears in one of Luo Min’s paper works:


The coloured flowers, as love that flies, lightly fall in silence.

The fine grass shines with sunlight, and sway with the wind that exhales from the distance.

The lake, full of fresh water, filled with tears of lovers.

If the owner cherish, the beauty would never fade.


飞如有恋堕无声,曲砌斜视看得盈;细草栖秀朱点染, 晴丝撩片玉轻明。

江风漂泊明妃泪, 绿葉差池杜牧情;赖是主人能爱惜,不曾缘客扫紫荆。


Letting herself be influenced by the verses of the great poet, Luo Min manages to reveal us through her painting, this inherent hermeticism of some verses, with cadences and rhymes almost incomprehensible for the western reader, but that she transfers to her painting, permitting us to adore and value the subtle elements, the nuances, the essence...


Luo Min (Sichuan, China), graduated from the China Southwest Normal University, and achieved the master’s degree in the Fine Art Academy of People ‘s Liberation Army. Currently, she works and lives in Beijing and Chengdu, China, having realized numerous exhibitions in Asian and European counties.