Under the heading La huella del Eco (Echo trace), Carlos Franco (Madrid, Spain, 1951) presents his last production, characterized by the irruption of new technologies and materials into pictorial praxis but keeping the roots of language. This exhibition show works of different media and digital prints.

La huella del Eco embodies the physical representation of the intangible, the survival of myth as perpetual becoming of language that reinvents itself. But at the same time, alludes to the echoes of the pictorial tradition. The work of Carlos Franco is absolutely personal and is built on solid foundations –substrate of echoes- characterized by indelibly language, constantly renewed by artists such as Velázques, Gaugin, Picasso, Poussin, Cézanne… All of them were been considered renovators of the pictorial tradition.

Carlos Franco joined his practice into advance of informatics technology. He wants to work on his own echoes, his captured images during his life and att these in his artwork, composing an infinite dialogue between cultures, creative tempos and materials. Whether on canvas in which he has print paintings or in digital prints, the Echo trace is there, updated, perpetual, being ethic aesthetic, the same etopeya of creative act.