The current sample of paintings by Antón Patiño carries the generic title of Itinerario del laberinto, where it includes 13 works made in recent years. Works of large dimensions where it is expressed through a personal vocabulary of shapes: plastic resources that are born from the crossroads between figuration and abstraction. Intensity and expressive energy seem to be the keys of his work.



The Galician creator founding member of the Atlántica group presents us with a delivery of amphoras, larvae and nets floating here and there on canvases that, rather than showing those objects, hold them in a liquid, vibrant suspension. In a kind of notes taken at the pace, there is "a true mythology woven around the presence both fascinating and threatening the ocean."



In each painting a dialogue between the translucent, almost minimalist background and the passionate, violent line is reinitiated. The dialectical tension between the pictogram and the gesture, between geometry and physicality, which Patiño has obsessively worked since the eighties, has also been remembered. All this within a certain automatism, a rapid spontaneity that springs from a long proven style.