Alfonso Albacete (Antequera, Málaga, 1950) inaugurates the year with this exhibition that under the suggestive name of Isaac presents a series of interiors and exteriors. Starting from the work that Albacete has been developing in recent years, the painter uses the triptych Isaac, which shows a motif of multicolored stones that serves as a pretext to address the making of a fabric of contemporary rooms (whose walls hang some reason related to the mentioned triptych) said rooms cease to be interior to open, through different planes, towards the outside, in a baroque abstraction luck typical of his look between figurative and abstract.



Alfonso Albacete is a plastic artist of synthesis, a creative who has apprehended the vanguards and does not renounce what has settled the history of painting. Thus his painting manifests itself in a natural way from the magnificent office he has. The reality of the senses is transformed into painting. Again this series, as we saw in his paintings Vásicas (Gallery Miguel Marcos, Barcelona, ​​April-May 2000) is a treaty of color, his feeling in his own words: "Painting as a juggler who launches a series of dishes on sticks that moves, from here to there, coming and going, to keep them in balance ". The world reflected by Albacete is not represented as an object of knowledge but as a field for sensations within a complex physics of color. In this, each brushstroke or spot, sometimes with echoes of pop-art, analyzes a different aspect of perception.