Dennis Hollingsworth

Miguel Marcos Gallery is pleased to present Immanence, the fifth single by American artist Dennis Hollingsworth in Miguel Marcos Gallery, Barcelona.

IMMANENCE offers a journey through Hollingsworth’s new praxis. Contextualized, especially when starting out, in the framework of the New Abstract Expressionism, his attitude towards art and painting became a rebellion against the ancient craft of the beautiful, in an aporia induced by romantic fascination with the limitlessness and in a strange desire to dematerialize painting into “pure visuality”.

His work, strongly marked by his personality, was characterized by the use of the technique “alla prima” from which the artist created sculptural mounds or monads. Monads are indivisible substances of different types, which comprise the universe according to the philosopher Leibniz. These mounds were established randomly on the canvas by applying thick and sumptuous layers of oil. This first stage was characterized by multicolour palette, which invited the viewer to the original chaos of nature and more harmonious confusion of fantasy.

Since last year, the artist’s work, took a very different perspective. Eschaton announced a change in his way of conceive creation. Paintings had emerged from blank canvas to image as if they were conjured. For first time, drawing precedes the mask and onto this, paint embroils the surface of the canvas, clouding the initial sketch to obscurity.

As if it were a constructivist oxymoron –build to destroy-, the artist proposes an image, which is fixed, to immediately let her breathe. Through the emergence of monads on the canvas, which slide over the fabric with uncertain criteria, almost haphazard giving rise to a complex cosmos. Thus, if the former approach could be considered transcendent with the arrival of image, the latter by its contrast would then suggest immanence.

Indeed, this kind of introspection by creation techniques, resulting in dozen works of various formats, which show this reflection, between accurate and hazardous. Paintings are authentic orography that move the spectator to pictorial landscapes whose formal tension is created by establishing a contrasting dialogue between empty and silent spaces and oases of forms, reliefs and valleys, between chance and order, between freedom and control.

This exhibition invites viewers to a new approach in Dennis Hollingsworth’s creation, where the image is the beginning and the end, the visible and the invisible. This is immanence itself.

DENNIS HOLLINGSWORTH was born in Los Angeles (California) in 1956, where he graduated in Architecture. In the nineties began his artistic voyage under the new American expressionists, entering his work in the most prestigious museum in the city, The Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles, California). First exhibition in Spain was in Miguel Marcos Gallery in Barcelona. Since then, his exhibitions, characterized by such personal strategy that pictorial material deposited on the canvas, have been recurring in various parts of the international art scene. After the success of his latest exhibition in Hionas Gallery, New York, the Pérez Art Museum of Miami acquires one of his works for his collection. Since 2006, the artist shares his work on the blog, a platform for reflection and dialogue for the curious and lovers of the art world.