Xavier Grau (Barcelona, 1951) is one of the main representatives of Spanish abstraction. Member of Trama group, founded in the middle seventies, he started to painting between abstraction and figuration but formulating a plastic consistency based in historical vanguards and their referents, such as Duchamp, Picabia, Cy Twombly and Philip Guston.

After five years of pictorial since, due to his meditated creative method, Xavier Grau exhibites his work in Galería Miguel Marcos. In this exhibition we could see eleven canvases of different formats. In fact, he is loyal to his personal style but in this occasion, proposes new and evolution thoughts about pictorial act itself.

In this way, the viewer could appreciate the ironic use of machinist’s references. The palimpsest as mechanical thinking that no have place for other process. Casual gesture, musical brushstrokes are marked by different tempos and figurative elements, which concerning both pop culture as the eternal confrontation between the artist and his work.

All the works in this exhibition have something in common: the title. IMAGO means, in Latin, image. Imago does not refer to figurative or empirical sense, otherwise to interior composition or physical world.

Behind this chaos, Grau uses irony as physical and mental distance to produce IMAGOs in the mind of the viewer. This is an exemplary exercise of something that we might call, with appropriate caveats, critical automatism.