In this exhibition are showed some recent works of José María Yturralde. The work of Yturralde is a reflexion about the spaces, time, infinite and sublime, where the empties spaces, the place of energy sprouts, become as an origin of direction. Happenings horizon as new place it would be new, unknown.

In middle of XVIII Century, Edmund Burke theorizes about the sublime, as well as Kant, who defined the concept as: “sublime is the name that we give to infinite”. Jean – François Lyotard prefers talks about of sublime as opposite of we might consume or wear away; something that we can’t digest. By the same token, Shopenhauer in his third book “Die Welt as Wille und Vorstellung” returns us to nature, where we could understand the different forms of sublime: “Imagine solitary region in front an infinite horizon, under the heaven empty of any clouds, with trees and plants without wind, nor animals neither humans”. Finally is no difference between this feeling that might be introduced by real landscape as well as a painting.

Tuareg’s proverb is a poetic way to express: “Home of man is the horizon”. A dessert, where the empty space could be cross have by the line or energy form closer to other directions. This experience closer to sacred is form of contemplation as our attitude to zen garden.

There are too reference to metaphysic vision of some romantic paintings, such as Monje junto al mar of Fridedrich, or Gordale Scar of James Ward. As well as, we could invocate the intensity of mystic poetry of San Juan de la Cruz, Santa Teresa or the Mexican Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz. Furthermore, the works of Barnett Newmann, Kenneth Noland, Rothko, Hiroshi Sugimoto with the Sea pieces or video-installation of Kimsooja.

"Horizons" refers to certain human vision that tends towards the notion of vast open spaces. A pictorial experience that attempts to transcend its own organic materiality, expressed through light-colored, the positive-negative always vibrant of matter, energy pulsing like a great river whose flow and vortices in its long journey to the sea generates that distant fuzzy line between or separated, and we will never reach the one-dimensional turbulence diluted in your wave, perhaps as geometric and mental extension of our consciousness.