Miguel Marcos Gallery is pleased to present Goddesses of Nibiru, first solo exhibition of Rómulo Royo (Zaragoza, 1976) in Barcelona. Royo’s work reflects the game of the myth and reality, inviting to fantastic world of science fiction.

The delicacy and strength represented by the female figure brings us closer to fantasy and science fiction of current theme, applying it to the world of painting. Part of the premise of a figurative language marked by a primitive composition which treated at the same time with force in his brushstrokes and delicacy in the colours and veils that highlight the power wielded by his figures.

Universes that transport us to other worlds and timeless spaces attract Rómulo Royo, getting out of everyday reality to immerse into the most enigmatic places that have always accompanied mankind. In these worlds we cannot find answers but where the feelings and emotions do not finish nevertheless.  In fact, when artist talks about why he do this kind of painting, said that from very early moments he was attracted to get further away from the surrounding reality and venture into places closer to the chimera. All of this, is due to his childhood, when he has influenced by some authors as Jodorowsky, who wrote the Incal along with drawings of Moebius, a story of science fiction thirty years ahead of our time to discuss the current structure of society and talk about the problems of today.

The series Goddesses of Nibiru invites to fantastic world, in which we find beautiful warriors of fine features, ready to fight against demons and gods. The costumes and ornaments, which she wear are timeless, objects that can remember us ancient civilizations, such as feathers, dressings with metal pieces, as contraposition to futuristic elements, like strange hats and in some cases, and paintings that have light coming out of the neck of some of these characters. Royo says that “the neck is the communication and relation of the inside with the outside, it is the union of the spiritual body with the material and he wanted to represent in these Goddesses a form of communication through the light exiting the neck”.

The aesthetic of these goddesses is from Nibiru planet, which is contextualized in the ancient Mesopotamia and Babylonia. According of some texts of ancient civilizations, Nibiru is a planet in our solar system that orbits our star every 3600 years. Nibiru is the home of gods, concretely Annunaki, known as winged beings. 

Fantastic context that becomes epic in this new pictorial horizon proposed by Rómulo Royo. 

Rómulo Royo (Zaragoza, 1976) influenced by the world of science fiction decides to start his artistic path to capture a fantasy world. He works in the universe Malefic Time, multimedia project that meets international roll several books edited by the company Yamato (USA).