The Galeria Miguel Marcos presents from Saturday, May 21, a solo exhibition by Cristóbal Ortega: Fragmentos a su Imán, with his most recent artworks.


The suggestive title is an invitation by the artist to an oneiric world, of vaguely insinuating floating images, where the self-sufficient and independent language of abstraction invites the contemplation of vibrant and unusual forms: birds, feathers, fish, molluscs, flowers, plants, etc. Zoological and botanical themes arise from an explosive Nature, floating in a liquid or aerial space, absolutely illusory.


In recent years, the art world has seen a new revival of painting, almost spontaneously and without much theoretical discussion. Cristóbal Ortega (Alhaurín de la Torre, Málaga, Spain,1970) belongs to this movement and, as Enrique Juncosa expresses, in the introduction to the catalogue of the artist's latest exhibition, Poemas de piel, which took place in his hometown between September and November 2021:


“The images in his painting arise from the processes he uses in his work, perhaps also generational, since many new painters explore metalinguistic and processual issues with their work. In addition, Ortega relates his paintings to some aspects of traditional Chinese aesthetics, especially with his calligraphic paintings, which gives his work a great personality”


Technically, the artist continues to base his work on what he calls Sweating: the work is captured on the reverse of the canvas, which is unprimed, and offers the viewer the result of a "perspiration" with a random and volatile appearance, which He flees from any reality, and introduces us to the fantastic, ethereal, almost scientific voyeurism, offering the possibility of being observers of the vitality of the biosphere, through the artist's imagination.


Interested in poetry, many rhapsodists have left their influences on the work of Cristóbal Ortega. A tireless explorer of the lyric, the unusual neo-baroque style of the verses of the Cuban poet José Lezama. One of whose collections of poems precisely gives this exhibition its title, providing it with that halo of revelation and enigma, without intelligible clarification, which does not cease to be fascinating.


The visitor will perceive the artist's ability to create his works in very different formats, something unusual: squares in unlike sizes, some vertical slightly, or even solid, with brown or slightly whitish backgrounds, using a very elaborate palette, sometimes subtle, in others vehement, like his brushstroke, between gesture and free will, and firm and forceful hand. All this accentuates the sensation of a circular movement, without end, coming from diverse and very different cores.


Cristóbal Ortega is an architect from the Higher School of Architecture of the University of Seville in the speciality of Urbanism, professionally painting since the 90s. He continues to work between Málaga and Beijing (China), although he has recently settled in Miami, Florida (USA). This one is his fourth solo exhibition at the gallery, after Lezamar (2019), Súnyata (2018) and Háptica in 2015.