Carlos Franco (Madrid, March 6, 1951), a artist who is critically classified in the Nueva figuración madrileña, who, due to this exhibition, has moved to Barcelona, ​​where he has painted the integrity of the works that will make up the exhibition.



 In these works the viewer will notice the great personality of Carlos Franco, whose brush is always accompanied by a drawing that projects the vital force of all his work, which reflects the study of the great milestones in the history of art, figuration, mythology, Primitivism, everyday reality, the study of ancestral and current culture, non-conformity with the established and a sophisticated synthesis of elements: "Conjugating, within a climate of magical baroque illusion, the experiences of the past and the present, the small and vigorous brush strokes of yesteryear and the fast and elongated arabesques of the current loose strokes, the thick density and the winged lightness, the new technologies, the manic thoroughness and the daring suggestion, the nocturnal and the diurnal, the biblical and the pagan, the East and the West. .



In short, a work in which the eye of the spectator will have to go through the work interpreting the space, in an attempt where the sacred and the profane will spread throughout, giving a nod to the primitive arts and the enjoyment of the senses.