Joan Brossa (Barcelona, Spain, 1919 – 1998) poet, playwright and artist, is the most important poet of Catalan avant-garde. His work is distinguished by its special ability to move the poetic thought beyond their usual boundaries. Unclassifiable, drinks both popular Catalan culture as avant-gardes to connect with the conceptual Art and Arte Povera. He releases the poems making successively in image, object and installation.

At the end of forties, he met with Joâo Cabral de Melo, whom was decisive for his conversion to Marxism and his commitment to society.

“Em va fer Joan Brossa” (1950) represents a formal and topic rupture with prosaic poems that occupied minimal space. They were small flashes of everyday reality brimming humour, its objective were denunciate politically.

In Miguel Marcos Gallery, you can see some new works such as David, Espía, Ex – vot en record d’un malefici, as well as some of his most representative visual poems.