The artist Álvaro Soler-Arpa, (Gerona, 1974) "the sculptor of bones", shows his works for the second time at the Miguel Marcos gallery.


Under the title "Design-Metastasis", Soler-Arpa insists on its strength of concepts: the voice of alarm over consumerism, the destruction of the natural environment and the use of bones and other animal remains as raw material for his works.


On this occasion, the exhibition consists in old pieces that share space and reflection with others recently made and that are presented to the public for the first time. The axes move around design as an ideological concept, perverse and possibly destructive. The design is no longer at the service of the product of consumption, which is now the reason of the consumer product.


The artist himself explains the concept that underlies this exhibition, which perhaps is his most forceful speech so far: "Almost everything around us Is considered and designed to be quickly and easily consumable and desirable. The Design is not innocent”. The artist considers Design as the principal tool of the consumerist machinery. “Design creates and gives shape and life to the object of wish that ultimately makes sense and is the fuel that keeps the consumerist machine alive. It is the design that determines a production process aimed at persuading and inducing superfluous needs.”




“Combined with the consumerism and the massification of the most aggressive and competitive capitalism, Design undergoes a transmutation to become a seductive but dangerous strategic tool at the service of the market. "


In this phase, Soler-Arpa locates the Metastasis of Design. The design of the surface expands to all fields, covers everything. Everything is designed, preconceived, with the only function of pleasing, satisfying and finally generating the demand, without taking into consideration the negative impacts on the sustainability of our planet and our way of thinking.


Soler-Arpa presents this selection of pieces trying to unmask a villain unknown who campaigns impunity and with honors among us: The superfluous and superficial Design and with no other objective than to generate objects of desire and nonsense consumerism.