The Galería Miguel Marcos is pleased to invite you from December 5th to January 5th to God is left-handed a solo exhibition of Lin Mo’s林墨 (Harbin, China, 1962) latest artwork. Previously, his work could be seen in Decarnation (December 2015), and in the collective exhibitions Black Box (November 2014) and Abstraction (December 2016).

His artworks have been part of a large number of collective and individual exhibitions, highlighting those made in Asia, Europe and the United States. In 2011 the book The voyage to encounter myself was published in China, a journey through his international background, characterized by the reflection on the durability of the past and the transformation of the present.

In this exhibition, the painter presents two series. In first, the God is left-handed, Lin Mo 林墨 employs sensory references that go beyond spatial and temporal limits. The painting grow and expand, through a process of transformation, construction and deconstruction. The essence of his painting comes directly from his soul, communicated in the strength, power, intensity and expressiveness of the brushstroke, as in the canvases of the second series, The Skin of Color.

At the technical level, Lin Mo 林墨 uses the so-called mixed media, as a formal vehicle, that expresses both the global mix of cultures and the dichotomy between physicality and spirituality, a constant in his artistic production. East and West dialogue in the canvases of Lin Mo 林墨 who combines the abstract values ​​of the YI School, the interpretation of European contemporary art and the influence of the ancient Chinese tradition. In this context of the essential search for his origins, the artist affirms that “knowing is unknowing, meaning is meaningless, doing is undoing.”

The comprehension of his painting does not lie exclusively in the final result, but in the complex process of creation in which he combines unique textures and a wide chromatism. The creative process lasts several months, where the artist explores the plasic possibilities of a very particular aesthetic. It does not only refer to abstraction, but also to the process of instantaneous transformation proper to the passing of life. From the  human life experience, art is more beautiful, more real, more changeable.

Lin Mo 林墨 reflects on the transformation ability of the human being, and about the power of its connection with Nature. The artist thinks that “The logical produces tranquility in the individual. The illogical causes fear and insecurity.” He questions about concepts such as the unpredictable, the sensorial, the essential. He materializes the immaterial. He expands the known limits. He transforms the invisible into the visible. He connects mind and soul.