Lin Mo 林墨

Galería Miguel Marcos is pleased to invite you to Decarnation 出離, the first solo exhibition of Lin Mo 林墨 (Harbin, China, 1962) in Barcelona. Lin Mo’s painting is reflection of the beauty of the nature. The artist lives and works between Beijing and Paris. In 1984, he is graduated in Fine Arts at Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts. Since then, he did a peregrination from different countries, where he could consolidate his success through meditated and compromised work.

The artistic career of Lin Mo 林墨 is marked by the traces of his travels, which has allowed him to acquire different kinds of experiences and know by the first hand the art of Eastern and Western. The aesthetic values of Lin Mo 林墨 can be find in YI School, germ of abstract expressionism school. The philosophy of YI is based in meditation and contemplation of his creators, who look into quotidian essence to show through metaphors what they contemplate.

The Chinese poet Meng Ming孟明defines the work of Lin Mo林墨 as Decarnation 出離, poetic term that alludes to the Buddha reincarnation, which allow us to understand the paintings of Lin Mo林墨as a series of moments that explain the essence of life in phenomenological world, in which Hegel looked into to spiritual truth.

The work of Lin Mo 林墨 is colourful and passionate, with wide chromatic palette, emerged from the creative ecstasies, which is full of brilliant ways that it seems textures. For the artist, the canvas does not have limits; he want to discover all is inside of itself, the universe that impregnates and spreads out. The big and random capes of painting is not due to any artistic parameter, instead of this, the artist promotes, what he calls “pure painting”, creating stains that generate rhythms, relations and moments. 

The intensity of his painting not only stands out when we observe it, because it changes the form according to the perspective that we take. The art of Lin Mo林墨 comes from the soul, which be shaken and evokes feelings and passions.

Deep brushstrokes guide the viewer through the infinitude of the canvas, in an emotional travel to the deepness of painting. Abstract Romanticism full of brilliant colours that are combined with oriental ink to show what is invisible to the senses, what ancient called, the esoteric.

Decarnation emerges from harmonizing of opposites, momentum and containment, expression and formality, of substance and form, that shows the visible and invisible in alienis.