The works of Luis and Rómulo Royo have his origins in the beginnings of nineties.In 1994 they had design the Malefic character in their studio. Then, their works have following different perspectives in different cities. In 2006 they going to be a team again and they did the dome of Medvedev Castle in Moscow (Russia). Since then, they collaborate simultaneously in different occasions. In 2008, with the work Dead Moon, their collaboration was intensive because of the creations of Demons or complex multimedia project Malefic Time was do hand to hand. Nowadays, they work in common.

Instead of share their work, they union would be defined as a fusion of projects, which have the same basis: unreal universes. These universes are designed with different techniques and pictorial resources.

In Dead Moon project we find an oriental fiction history and his past, with the intention to be closer to antique fantastic Chinese stories. All of these in canvases which combined figuration and works in paper in which we could appreciate all details.

On the other hand, Apocalypse is focused to transmit the eternal fears of human being and put in question the teachings that we receive. The viewer is invited to penetrate in Apocalypses history in New York. For this project, other works of different arts: music, literature and video will be added to create a multimedia project.

Their solid base of their message and their aesthetic forms the universes of Luis and Rómulo Royo. In this world we could appreciate different expression forms as well as different techniques and materials. Peculiar personality of one it is complement to each other, developing a fusion work.