Chema Cobo (Tarifa, Cádiz, 1952), representative of the new Madrid figuration of the early 80s, a group of artists that defended the figurative innovation of painting. His paintings, literary and cinematographic works express with a critical and scathing look his particular reality, using a baroque iconography. In this way his works can be seen as a kind of sociological observatory from where the painter studies the world around him.



In Coartadas: manual of use, Miguel Marcos Gallery presents large-format canvases such as the Cell series, which refers to the double meaning of the cell and the identity card, a reflective, autobiographical work, in terms of attending to what happens in the study, to the chaotic creative forms and to the same constructive process. The Aurora series is an extension of his work on the French Revolution. The Coartada is a cold, cutting, more realistic series, which proposes a metaphor between crime and painting.