Over the past three years, I have focused my work on the analysis and description of the lifestyle of young people in the large western cities. My images discover my point of view, they capture my experiences, they speak of new canons of beauty, of the artificial paradises of appearances and of the simulation rituals of the fashion of a new generation. Images of bodies, faces and places. I feel a special fascination for androgyny, ambiguity, miscegenation and recycling.


A first series of photos (Interiors, 1999) spoke of young people in their private spaces, bedrooms, beds, kitchens, bathrooms ... giving my own interpretation of their environments and with particular attention to objects and accessories. The series Regards (2000) realized in study shows faces of great size, emerging from the darkness: abstract icons, gods, models and archetypes for a new kind of beauty and at the same time the uniqueness of the psychological portrait.



A new Far East series, started in New York in 2001, continues to talk about urban youth. This time we are out of the studio, on the streets, parks, inside the houses or in public places. The casting is still done on the fly, on the asphalt. Two themes interest me in particular in this series:
1.- Crossbreeding and paternity: young parents, hybrid couples with children.
2.- Contemporary oriental beauties: urban youth with Asian roots living in the West.


All models are selected for their "look" with a strong connection to fashion. The images on contemporary oriental beauty are inspired in many cases in the traditional Asian pictorial iconography but they deal totally with contemporary themes. Nobody looks at the viewer, creating an atmosphere of intimacy and a certain "voyeurisme photographique". At the end of the year I have planned a trip to Japan to continue my reflection on urban youth.