Xesús Vázquez (Orense, 1946), Galician painter of extensive national and international trajectory, is known and appreciated in the artistic environment for developing a pictorial work of great interest, which is present in the most prestigious museums and spaces, as well as in the collections of greater relevance.


The work that Xesús Vázquez presents in this exhibition are abstract paintings, with geometric elements, gestural strokes, planes of curved or straight overlapping shapes, graphics, stains of color, as if he wanted to represent essential elements of memory, his particular worldview, the subjective conformation of a landscape. An indeterminate and multiform space, between the historical allusion and the dreamed memory, make up these fields of its most intimate landscape, works of this exhibition, that walk between horror and torture and a possible, imaginary and romantic redemption of the concentration camps Germans, through shapes and color.


 The critic Fernando Huici comments on this artist in his text "As if I could paint":
"Xesús Vázquez makes painting as if painting could be, aerating the gangrene, awakening the patient from the senseless hope of cure, finally forcing the stubborn evolution of the pictorial to assume, once and for all, in his own flesh the final consummation of his destiny, which is nothing but recognizing himself as "that great art of being sick".