Miguel Marcos Gallery is pleased to invite you to “Brossa reflejado: visual poems, books and posters”, an exhibition of Joan Brossa (Barcelona, 1919-1998) which brings together a group of his works and allows us to go deep into his imagination.


Joan Brossa, poet, playwright and artist, is the most important Catalan avant-garde poet of the second half of the twentieth century. In 1948 he founded the magazine Dau al Set with Antoni Tàpies, Joan Ponç, Modest Cuixart, Arnau Puig and Joan-Josep Tharrats. His work is distinguished by his special ability to translate the poetic thought beyond its usual boundaries. Unclassifiablly, he soaks so much of Catalan popular culture as vanguards previous to the Spanish Civil War to connect with the concept and Arte Povera. He frees the poem and turns it into image, object and installation.

During the early nineties, the relationship between Miguel Marcos Gallery and Joan Brossa became strong and inseparable, which witnessed a political and social scene that so many times inspired the creative work of the latter. Miguel Marcos Gallery has always driven the proyect of the great artist at international levels.

It was in 1992 the first time Miguel Marcos Gallery exhibited the works of Joan Brossa at its headquarters in Zaragoza, Poemas objeto e instalaciones. In the same year, he organized the first retrospective exhibition entitled “Brossa 1986 - 1991” , which was witnessed by Huesca, Vitoria, Logroño and Murcia.

At the same time, Miguel Marcos Gallery claimed a worthy international presence of the creativity of the unique personage. It was because of this that occurred several exhibitions that led them to visit different countries, publicizing the work of Brossa beyond our borders and forging a relationship of complicity that would result the unrepeatable projects.

In the Paris of 1995, for the first time the work of Joan Brossa was exhibited in the Cervantes Institute under the heading “Poemas visuales. Colección Miguel Marcos”. A few years later, in 1997 Joan Brossa was selected to represent Spain at the Venice Biennale, an international event that presumed the achievement of many years of promotional effort of the Gallery and managed to consecrate the work of Brossa globally.

On 27 February 1998, the gallery opened its headquarters in Barcelona with an exhibition of instalation named “BROSSSSA quatre emplaçaments”, which the poet had created expressly for the occasion. It was a gesture of homage to one of the most prominent figures in the art scene, while allows Brossa to realize what the genius longs: create and exhibit, exhibit and create. Just remember the impressive iron cage with a delicate fish tank inside, a poetic hymn to freedom, an allegory of the magic ...
Meanwhile, Miguel Marcos Gallery has promoted his work in various editions of international fairs in which it participated as Art Basel, ARCOmadrid, Art Cologne, Art Chicago and FIAC Paris, to name a few.

In this exhibition, we can enjoy the work of Brossa through visual poems that illustrate the imagination of the poet. The posters, in turn, represent a continuation of this visual poetry, which Brossa began developing with the intention of bringing his work to the public and make it visible, interfering in the everyday context to carry out their communicative action. Finally, artists’ books are a support that allows the poet to express his thought with different languages, some of them in collaboration with artists such as Miró, Chillida and Tàpies.

Tradition and modernity, art and literature come together in a work of container composed by game of words, cadavres exquis, images and echoes of ironic sense. The eternal and the immutable concentrated in the canon of Brossa´s aesthetic, a burst of the unique reality that presents us Brossa reflejado.