"BIENVENIDOS GOLIARDOS" is the second solo exhibition of the brazilian artist Renato Costa at Miguel Marcos’ Gallery in Barcelona.


The title of the exhibition, which welcomes the "Goliards", seems to force the viewer to put himself in their shoes, cultivated and drunken clergymen of irregular lives, who, with their satirical spirit, have rejected what would have been the course of their lives within the Church. Therefore, they decided to live under a new perspective of freedom. They used their great knowledge of literature, of the great Classics, Latin and songs to glorify their poems and writings. They mimed with the environment they found in the taverns of the Middle Ages, to woo the women and win the favour of those who used to be in these places, that we could imagine filthy.


The exhibition shows a series of paintings entitled HERI, HODIE, CRAS that are inspired by the medieval Tapestry. They typify the concepts of isolation and reinterpretation of reality, which incorporate the old decorative furniture that was precisely designed to ornament the towns and poor rooms that housed kings during their long periods away from court.

Therefore, the exhibition draws on the historical period of the Middle Ages and its curious combination between diversity and unity linked to the contemporary age.  The artist weaves the medieval estates with the current Establishment. The exhibition invites us to look closer and try to distinguish the new and intangible “Tapestries” that existed in our era. The age of information and speed, responsible for isolating us from reality and trapping us in an endless timeless wheel.


The exhibition "BIENVENIDOS GOLIARDOS" establishes its estates: seizing the satirical spirit of the Goliards and laughing at the misuse of economic powers and false political discourses, which only conducts to fragmentation of society and glorifying the present as the only reality possible to enjoy the journey called life.