Galería Miguel Marcos is pleased to invite you to the exhibition Asteriscos Rotos, where the most recent works of American artist Dennis Hollingsworth (Los Angeles, U.S., 1956) are presented.


Contextualized in his beginnings in the framework of the new American expressionists, his attitude towards art and paintingn is materialized in an aporia induced by a romantic fascination without limits and a strong desire to dematerialize painting into "pure visuality".


The works of Hollingsworth bring up some basic questions of abstract art like the absolute power of art, the emancipation of conventions and spiritual revolution to express what remains hidden from the senses.


In words of the art critic Juan Bufill, "Dennis Hollingsworth's work is an excellent and clear example of painting itself in XXI century, which is a consequence of but different from the previous painting. It is abstract meawhile very physical and concrete. Its certain  aspects  enable to define it as materialistic or structuralist, because it possesses an underlined plastic syntax where a particular repertoire of formal elements and materials of technical procederes are unfolded and related. At the same time, his paintings do not conform to deploy exercises of structuralist style but tends to evoke and suggest existential life experiences. ¨


The introspection of the  techniques for creation leads the artist to new ways of conceiving the creative act. This new direction that maintains the essence of his work is characterized by the importance of drawings as well as introducing new elements such as asterisks, a naturalist motive that reminds us of something hidden behind and brings us an aura of mediterraneidad.


In his paintings, multicolored whirl of his palette can be seen, which becomes almost Fauvist combined with the psychoanalysis of creation, resulting in a work full of symbolism and emotion, where the freedom and the containment, the free will and the pure mathematics, the original chaos and the confusion of the most harmonious fantasy are intuited.


In his aesthetics, Theodor Adorno said "the works of art are more than themselves, not because of something existent, but there language" (Aesthetic Theory, Taurus, 1992). Besides that the work of Hollingsworth witness a reconceptualization of the ways to make and understand art, it is full of reminiscences of the tradition of the avant-garde in which it can be perceived the influence of Joan Miró, André Breton and Jason Pollock among others. Dematerialization of the painting, fruit of the conceptual aesthetics of 50s, leads to a purely visual aesthetic, in which oil becomes the main axis of the frame and the creative breath of the painter gives rise to works where various forces of nature are concentrated.


The whole selected works for this exhibition are full of Mediterranean symbolism expressed by the asterisks that represent the multiple paths of ships, as well as the preponderant hidden forces of sea at sunset with an orange tone that bodes night. An oasis of peace is presented hidden from our senses.


Hollingsworth´s works form part of the collection of MoCA Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles, U.S.,).and the PAMM Pérez Art Museum of Miami (Miami, U.S.,).