Stephan Ach

Stephan Ach was exposed to art world from early age, because he was born in West Germany into a theatre actor’s family. So, he has experienced the fantasy, adrenaline and eccentricity since childhood.

During his apprenticeship in art school, he always showed preference for the lens over the brush. In fact, he discovers his true talent: the photography as a form of artistic expression.  He was graduated from School of Art and Photography of Munich in 1982, by the time he had complied an extensive portfolio, which introduce himself to fashion world, working between New York, Paris, Munich, Barcelona and Miami, among other cities.

He decided to explore cinematographic world for this reason he enrolled in New York Film Academy in 2000. Complementing a lengthy career, he was introduced into the art world and he can share his artistic vision of what he calls “the magic of life”.

Stephan Ach explores the world in search of the unknown, he want to show what exists behind our visual reality. His photographs capture fleeting moments that reflect a unique experience; Elements of surprise such as: flexibility, softness, warmth, expressivity and the amazing landscapes of Latin America are reflected in his works.