Rómulo Royo

Applying a personal and different vision of the current issues of art to the world of painting, Romulo Royo’s work (Zaragoza, Spain, 1976) is interested in and have us close to the fantasy and science fiction of current character. Its universes that transport us to other worlds and timeless spaces will attract you to go out of everyday reality to plunge into the most enigmatic places that have also always accompanied with mankind.

We could appreciate his work from the premise of a figurative language marked by a primitive composition, simultaneously dealt with strength in his brushstrokes and delicacy in veiled colors that enhance the power that his figures wield. Some of his influence could be found in filmmakers like Ridley Scott or George Lucas in movies like Alien, Blade Runner and the first trilogy of Star Wars and authors like Jodorowsky.

He works in the universe Malefic Time. The multimedia project combines several books with paintings of international circulation, novels, Japanese comics, sculptures made by the company Yamato (USA), and merchandising as calendars published by Pyramid (United Kingdom) and Sellers Publishing (USA).