Renato Costa

Renato Costa (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1974) lives and works in Madrid since 2005. He began his painting training in the workshop of his father, the painter Manoel Costa and studied Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid. He has made numerous solo and group exhibitions in countries in Europe and America such as Spain, Germany, Belgium, Peru and Columbia.


His work is defined by the intense expression of emotions through its technical and thematic characteristics. Frequently, the themes present a deep relationship between past and present, either through collective history or personal memory. He uses and appeals figuration, subjectivity, open emotions, autobiography, memory, symbolism, psychology and narrative, mixing these factors with conceptual art strategies, in search of dilation and modulations of a spectrum of pictorial traditions that are increasingly interwoven with each other, in an exercise that seeks to shed any prejudice for the benefit of freedom of action.


His works have been exhibited in several public institutions, including IAACC, Instituto Aragonés de Arte y Cultura Contemporáneo, Museo Pablo Serrano (Zaragoza, Spain), CEART Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Tomás y Valiente (Fuenlabrada, Madrid, Spain) and the IVAM, Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno (Valencia, Spain), etc..