Álvaro Soler-Arpa

The work of Soler Arpa (Girona, 1974) is influenced by the tradition. His sculptures emerge from cabinets de curiosités, arising in the fourteen and fifteen centuries, in which, are collected unique objects. But also, the work of Soler Arpa implies the recovery of bricollage that was experimented during early avant-gardes. Paradigmatically, in Marché aux puces of Paris, were found oddities and objects, which serve to create Derain and Picasso among others.


Soler Arpa’s works are characterized by dynamism while alluding to prehistoric myth relating it to contemporary art. The recovery of materials is linked with what Bourriaud had called the “bricollage of culture”, raising some environmental issues that concern to the society of our century.


In fact, the artist claims the harmfulness of plastic from totally unprecedented sculptures mad from animal bodies. This led to him to be ambassador of the international ONG Plastic Pollution Coallition (Berkeley, USA). Currently, in collaboration with the institution, has presented an exhibition in Barcelona Airport El Prat that consists in five awesome sculptures.