Li Qiang

The artist Li Qiang (Beijing, China, 1960) explain his own work:

During the process of creation, a will is written once, twice, ten times, until hundreds of times, a repetition in which I sometimes encounter illusions and imagination. I am getting so close to the testator that I could feel his breath and heartbeats, and see his movements, his tiny changes of facial expressions and even his personality and life experiences are no secrets to me.

The creation is my special and interesting way to feel and understand the others and their times. Only after a long time of repetition, can a “special” and subtle dialogue gradually become clear, it is like communicating with souls, in which I´m experiencing another person's life, and contemplate and reveal my self’s.

During the long period of writing, by stopping the thoughts and leaving my heart empty, I reach an extreme point in time and life. Slowly both the skin and the souls are attached to the painting surface. At the very beginning, I selected existing wills, then I try to interpret and analysis relevant information of the reports, interviews based on the events that happened to the testator. The works have become a way of watching, thinking and expressing. While creating, I’m roaming freely between writing and painting.